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K&N’s™ – an international brand of premium Halal chicken products commits to providing better nutrition through poultry for Health and Happiness™ of people.

K&N’s Foods USA, LLC, a US based company, produces a wide range of premium chicken products at its own processing plant in upstate New York.

As the K&N’s™ brand gained recognition internationally, K&N’s Foods USA setup manufacturing operations for producing products in the US to serve markets across the US, Canada, and other foreign countries.

Some of the most popular items offer by K&N’s are:

Colonel Kababz is a US based manufacturer producing range of Kababs in Halal Chicken & Beef.

Their meat is USDA Certified 100% Halal, a principle grounded in the humane treatment of animals and cleanliness of meat.

They use only wholesome ingredients and firmly believe that, if it’s not something we would eat ourselves, it’s not something we would ever give to anyone else!

Some of the most popular items offered by Colonel Kabaz are:

MENU brand is owned by Seasons Foods Pvt. Ltd., established in 2006 is a new venture of Seasons Group of Companies in the emerging market of meat & vegetable products processing in Pakistan. MENU is one of the largest producers of poultry and cattle feed in Pakistan has three manufacturing facilities in the country. They have other sister concerns producing flour (National Flour Mills & Supreme Flour Mills) under the name of Punjab Atta and edible oil (Wali Oil Mills) under the name of Seasons. Some of the most popular items offered by MENU are Plain & Whole Wheat Paratha Samosa & Spring Rolls Popcorn Fish Marinated Rahu Fish …..and more!!!

Switz manufactures and distributes frozen thin dough products including the World Famous Samosa Leaves, Spring Roll Sheets, and also convenience products such as Frozen Donuts. Switz Group is a leading bakery group in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. The company is committed to high-quality standards, technological development, and innovation. They are operating in seven different countries across the Middle East and Asia, with fifteen companies making up the group portfolio. Switz Group is a family business with a global perspective.